Tuesday, February 2, 2016

NEW! Gold Plated Ornamental Clutch

Interested in purchasing this beauty? Shoot us an email at Sevencarats@gmail.com or find it in our Etsy boutique!
One of a kind!

Blingfully yours,


Monday, April 7, 2014


I am now selling a few select prints on Society6.com
Go ahead and check it out; prices are super affordable too
It has just a few of my illustrations for now as I am still getting acquainted but do have a glance:

Would love for you to own a piece of my he(ART)

Here's a quick screen shot :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy, Joyous, Fabulous Mother's Day.

To the mothers who bore us in their wombs near their beating hearts. Or to the mothers who adopted us from among children.
To the mothers who sacrificed their own happiness and habits in order to make us happy, to see us smile, if only for a little while - this gave her such a satisfaction, a fulfillment. Yet we were ungrateful.
To the mothers who protected their offspring through thick and thin, through joy, through illnesses, even when they were tired and ill themselves. Even when they felt physical or emotional pain, they still stood strong and protected us until we healed, until we ran around like children again.
To the mothers who shed more tears than the heavens shed rain, out of love, sadness, despair, pride for their child.
To the mothers who removed the bite from their own mouths to feed their child and watch them grow.
To the mothers who protected their children through storms whether indoors or outdoors.
To the mothers whose hearts beat simultaneously with her child's without the child knowing it yet.

Today, and every day, every passing moment, is yours. We owe you life, we owe you pride, rest, joy from within.
We owe you priceless gratitude than humans are limited in expressing.
Not only are you a piece of Heaven on earth, in our lives, but you are a blessing beyond all blessings. Beyond material things, or limited joys of this world.

To the children who have lost their mothers early, or late. Do no despair, for they are in a better place. Resting. But be sure they are thinking of you and only you. Be sure that nothing can replace you in their hearts, no matter what you've done or said to upset them.

Mothers love unconditionally. And God has created them with such emotion, with such love, because He knows how ungrateful and rebellious children can be. And no one could have put up with such except a mother.

To all the mothers of the world and beyond, know that we adore you day in and day out. From sunset to sunrise and backwards. That even when we upset you, one day we will redeem ourselves to you.

Don't let this day be too late.

Love your mother. She is the first woman in your life and will be the last. 
Love her unconditionally as she has loved you and always will. Whether still roaming the earth or resting in peace.

Love her for she is a creation unlike any other. A creation born to give birth to the designs of God. And with her heart, her patience, her care, her wisdom, you learn to stand on your own two feet.

Love your mother more than you love yourself.

Mothers, have a fabulous day with your loved ones, your cherished ones, the ones you bore, the ones you fed, you cradled to sleep, you advised, you saved.

Mothers, have a very happy mother's day. 

LC. 2014

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New at Seven Carats' Online Boutique

Don't miss out the new items available at the Seven Carats' Online Boutique via Etsy by clicking HERE

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A New BlackBerry Cover In Town!

Although I have been back and forth to Beirut recently to see my family there, I have not let go of my Swarovski crystals one bit! Here is a cover for BlackBerry Z10 which I've recently finished. All in diamond Swarovski crystals.

And check out the opening of the first BlackBerry store in the region, conveniently located in Dubai Mall:

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's not a trend. It's a lifestyle.

Have you noticed how sparkle is everywhere? From your jewelry to the red carpet? From 2007 until to date?
It never goes out of style. It is an exclusive taste of the fashionable and the must-haves of the socially inert.

Dazzle glam has this special effect of creating a spotlight on you in any circle you're in. People notice you, people want to approach you to either take your picture or take your number.
From Seven Carats to Elie Saab, Swarovski crystals are being used to create that special glamour that gets you noticed and gets you in elite magazines.

Not only is it fun for the client to wear the sparkle but also fun for the designer to create, because it is just as beautiful to work with as it is to wear it.
There are so many ways to wear crystals: Jewelry, clutches, shoes, denim, dresses, accessories, brooches, bags and even makeup!

Not to mention, at Seven Carats, many home decor pieces have been renovated to become a center piece and no longer a forgotten memory in the attic.
This is what is so wonderful about the world of Seven Carats; we don't want you to throw away your lovely toys, memorabilia, gadgets or souvenirs. Send them in for a facelift and a refreshment. Turn them into a centerpiece for your family and friends to talk about and something you can see daily to make your heart warmer with love and smiles.

We want to hear from you if you have something you want to transform or renovate. Is there a vase you want to highlight in your home? A dining set that you want to stand out when your guests come to eat? Or just an old pair of denims you cannot part with but want to renew with some glitz and make people ask you where you got them from?

Seven Carats can do all that. And more.

Email us at layal@sevencarats.com
Or Google chat at sevencarats@gmail.com
Instagram or Twitter @seven_carats

We want to hear your stories and how we can bring back a smile into your home.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank you to Theultimateurbanite.blogspot.com for this awesome post!

   (( Original link here ))

Layal Chemaitelly, the founder & designer of Seven Carats is the go to person when it comes to transforming the ordinary into extraordinary!  She has been in the business of blinging and bedazzling for 6 years and counting. She operates her business mainly online which is based in Dubai. From London to Singapore to New York, her works of art have made waves. The Urbanite got a chance to catch up with Layal to discuss her work, what inspires her and the most challenging work ever experienced by Seven Carats.

Q: So what is the inspiration behind your business?

“To be honest, Los Angeles inspired me. All girls love to glitter and sparkle without a doubt. Anything about American glamour would shoot ideas in my head. I collect new color combinations from all walks of art and use these palettes for future crystallizing projects or a latest jewellery pieces.”

Q: How did you master your craft?

“Trial and error were my biggest teachers. I spent long nights crystallizing my own gadgets around the house until I perfected the art and craftsmanship. I am proud to say that by far, Seven Carats has never had a single complaint in its 6 years of service of any fallen crystals after it has been crystallized or of any faulty jewellery items. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for Seven Carats to be renowned in this region for its precision crafting.”

Q: What do you bedazzle/create?

“I love the word "bedazzle". It's magical! At Seven Carats, I crystallize almost anything you can bring to the table. My company uses only genuine Crystallized Swarovski Elements directly from the Swarovski manufacturer itself.  In regards to our jewellery, it’s always created using semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst and aquamarine to name a few. These 2 exclusive services of crystallizing and jewellery making are what make Seven Carats a truly unique personalized experience.”

Q: What’s the Price Range for a piece made by Seven Carats?

“This is my favorite part. As Tom Jones once put it: "You don't have to be rich!" to carry or wear Seven Carats. Anything can be created for any budget. Whether it is $5, $500 or even $5000, we can create a piece for you. It’s really weighed with how much work is put in to it as well as the value of the materials used. I want to be able to say yes to all the ladies, so I can put a smile on their face with pieces that speak their taste as well as understand their budget.”

Q: Where in the world would you say the bulk of your clients come from?

“My biggest clientele live in the States, followed by the UK, Malaysia and Singapore. These are my biggest markets amongst many others. It is very fulfilling to serve such diverse customers from various backgrounds. I look forward to serving many more countries.”

Q: What’s the absolutely most challenging piece you’ve ever worked on?

“Oh I can never forget a wall I worked on at a home in Dubai for a VIP. Unfortunately I was asked not to publish photos nor mention the name of the owner but this is by far my most challenging work. It was a 3x2m wall surface which I crystallized with Swarovski crystals projecting the initials of the bride and groom in cursive font. It’s truly an astounding piece.”

Seven Carats Fan Page on Facebook

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mini Club Dubai events!

It has been ages since we took part in a Mini Club Dubai event! Let alone organized one!
My brother (founder of the Mini Club Dubai) was the prime organizer for these MCD events but unfortunately he pulled out so that he can focus on his work and personal life. (But he’s still chairman!)
But all his buddies at the Club are still taking care of the club and organizing the coolest drives and parties and I do miss them so much!
Especially the ones especially organized by AGMC.
Anyway, if you are in Dubai and drive a Mini Cooper (any model, any type!), go ahead and check out the link below which will direct you to the next MCD meet. You so won’t regret it!

More Online Shops!

Seven Carats’ focus will be shifting from Etsy and back onto Facebook! The fan page will include photo albums of all of Seven Carats’ lovely collections for you to easily reserve and purchase via the trusted PayPal online site.
Not to mention, www.sevencarats.com is undergoing a massive renovation to better serve clients and customers. The site will be fitted with an online boutique as well as a blog for all things Seven Carats and sparkling! (that includes champagne!)
So stay tuned while we bring sexy back!

Monday, January 21, 2013

OMG more fancy stuff from Seven Carats

My shop on Etsy is boasting with new items waiting for your attention! Go on, and have a peek!
Click on the below to go straight to the shop!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Up Close & Personal with Seven Carats

Sunglasses which I designed! They rock the public!

Baby Seven Carats with bro and mum, growing up in London.

The old Seven Carats logo and business card.

Crystallized Evil Eye.

One of my most famous ideas: The crystallized Emarati Burqas... Over 2,700 pieces sold!

Handmade jewellery.. So fun!

More handmade jewellery... Mediterranean Mystique

More Evil Eye. My passion.

A unique creation using Emirati danglers of Kandoras.

The famous Seven Carats bling'd shutters.. Over 100 pieces sold! And the Evil Eye,  a Seven Carats signature piece.

The Hamsa, a Seven Carats symbol favourite.. And the UAE falcon, symbolic of the UAE pride and glory.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guilt-Free Creativity: Stop Kicking Yourself & Start Producing

Guilt-Free Creativity: Stop Kicking Yourself & Start Producing

This article focuses on an issue I face frequently as a designer. Some call it a designer's block. But what is it exactly?

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

This is an amazing article I came across via Behance on how Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) used rejection to get where is now.

A must read.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Name. My Necklace.

This made my day today.
I have been waiting for something special to come through the mail and it finally did.
My SevenCarats necklace in 925 Sterling Silver handcrafter by "Best Name Necklace" Personalized Jewelry all the way from Georgia, USA!

Many thanks to the lovely Maria who did an outstanding job.. You cannot imagine the compliments I have gotten so far and I've only been wearing it for.. what... 3 hours? And in the office?

Can't wait to do some socializing with this darling!

If you're looking for great quality, great service and a wonderful online experience, check out Best Name Necklace at her Etsy shop:


Thanks a lot Maria!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Wedding Stationery

The cutest site that lets you personalize some cool stationery and print them out! (mainly for weddings but you can still manipulate the texts a little to suit you!)
I used the designs to show off my work, although these are just drafts as I'd like to work on some more photography sessions for these mail-outs. Otherwise these are excellent to promote your business, your pages, your work in general.. Or just to send a heart warming greeting to your beloveds.

It's so much fun, I have to thank the team at : www.weddingchicks.com

Look what I've been up to :)

Blogging for joy!

This morning I started reading a lovely book I ordered from Amazon.co.uk (it should be renamed to Amazing.co.uk ... Just saying)
It's like going to class with first class blogger Joy Cho.
I am still in the very first chapters but my excitement is already through the roof! Thanks Joy, cannot wait to start getting my blog rollin'!

Joy's blog:

You can find this book here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Good evening readers,

Today was a rough day for; I had to remove a tooth that had caused some infection :( so I'm a little swelled up - Thank God the tooth is all the way in the back but still so uncomfortable.
Messed up sign language has been my way of communicating and that has not been fun at all! haha

Ok, so here are some new pictures of one of my favourite pieces which I just added onto my Etsy shop:

Tell me what you think :)

Drop me a message at my Etsy shop

Love to all,

Layal xx